Private Training

Private training is designed to give you the one on one attention you and your dog deserve in the comfort of your own home, our place, out in public, or anywhere that is in the best interest for the dog and your goals with training. Private training is also great for obedience and teaching your dogs new skills in general. It is also a solution if your dogs behavior is not appropriate for a group class or your schedule doesn't fit with our group training schedule.

Boarding & Training

Boarding and training is the perfect solution for that dog that has become behaviorally challenged, an owner who is at their wits end, a dog that is a liability with their biting tendencies, behaviors that are not conducive to living in the home, or biting guest and people in the home. It's also a great solution for obedience training and people who just don't have the time to lay the foundation of training and the extra time that takes initially. Once we have laid the foundation and the dog is returned home, your job is much easier, and the people training takes place from there. 


Group Classes

Group classes are an affordable way for you to participate in dog activities within the Tucson dog community and teach your dog many different life skills. Our obedience group classes are designed to teach you and your dog the very foundation in all of dog training. (Walking on a leash without pulling, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Coming when called, and the place command) You should be able to use these skills in everyday life. 

Cost Of Training


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