Train your dog to stay away with rattlesnake avoidance training.

Every year dogs are bitten by Rattlesnakes requiring thousands and thousands of dollars to save them in Veterinary Emergency Rooms. Clients who have come to us for avoidance training who's dogs have been bitten because they were never avoidance trained, report spending an upwards of $8,000 to save their dogs. The money you spend on avoidance training can literally save you thousands of dollars. Once your dog is avoidance trained it is very unlikely they will ever be bitten again, annual rechecks are encouraged. No evaluation is required. Snake training can be done at our place or yours!   

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training is taught to dogs using a remote electric collar. We call this the "hot stove theory" or single event learning. You only need to touch the stove once to know it is hot and to not touch it again. Using a remote collar in this manner is the truest  most effective way to train dogs to stay away from Rattlesnakes.  In short, with using a remote electric collar it only takes one time for your dog to learn that getting anywhere near snakes is a bad idea. Once your dog has been trained it is a good idea to have the dog rechecked annually. 

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