All About Dogs Podcast: Ep. 2- Potty Training Puppies

In episode 2 Anthony talks all about potty training puppies and gives you 5 things you need to do to help you successfully potty train any puppy!!

All About Dogs Podcast: Ep. 1- Every Dog Trainer Starts Some

In this first episode Anthony talks about how he got into dog training, and some of the finer points in his journey.

All About Dogs Podcast: A Podcast for all dogs owners!

In this episode Anthony talks about what this podcast is about, who's it for, and the goals behind the show!!

Puppy Obedience Fun

Puppy training with Guinness!

Pit Bull Obedience Demo

Anthony and his trainers do a small demo for your entertainment.

Dog Aggression Training

Working with People Aggressive Pit Bull!

Dog Aggression Training

Working with Dog on Dog Aggression in a Group Setting with the use of a remote collar. 

Schutzhund Obedience

Basic Obedience routine for Schutzhund. 

Remote Collar Training

In this video we demonstrate how to get a deaf dog to come when called using a remote electronic collar. 

Off Leash Socialization Class

Off Leash Socialization Group Class for Aggressive Dogs. 

Advanced Protection Training

In this video the dog is taught to protect the handler if he is touched while walking, guard the prisoner between the legs and bite if he tries to flee, and guard an object and do not let the man steal the object. In this video the object is just a plastic feed bucket. 


Canine Good Citizen Demo

In this video we demonstrate the 10 testing items in order to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test.