Puppy Obedience Fun

Puppy training with Guinness!

Competition Heeling

Guinness about 10 months old working on competition heeling. 

Pit Bull Obedience Demo

Pit Bull Team!

Dog Aggression Training

Working with People Aggressive Pit Bull!

Dog Aggression Training

Working with Dog on Dog Aggression in a Group Setting with the use of a remote collar. 

Schutzhund Obedience

Competitive Off Leash Obedience Routine.

Remote Collar Training

Deaf Dogs and Remote Collars.

Off Leash Socialization Class

Off Leash Socialization Group Class for Aggressive Dogs. 

Object Guard Training

Advanced Protection Work!! Teaching the dog to protect the object. In this case its the black bucket. 

Canine Good Citizen Demo

In this video we demonstrate the 10 testing items in order to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test. 

Off Leash Obedience Demo

We enjoy owning the Pit Bull Breed to help separate facts from hysteria.