About Anthony

Anthony Holcomb - Owner / Certified Professional Dog Trainer


Anthony Holcomb is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer! He graduated from National K-9's School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, Ohio and The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in Fairfield, California.

Anthony started his dog training career in Tucson Arizona and his services are in high demand for helping with dog aggressive pets. His journey began before he was a dog trainer. He was having problems with his own pet dogs being aggressive. Knowing he had a problem he called in a couple of dog trainers to help him solve the problem he was having. Through this dog training process as a dog owner he was shocked to learn about how much he really didn’t know about dogs. 

He began to invest in learning from some of the greatest minds in the field of dog training from all over the country. Still today Anthony continues to invest into learning as much as possible, when possible. This has made Anthony one of the most diverse, well rounded and sought out professionals in his field. He practices diversity in his problem solving approaches. This is the reason for his success!

Anthony keeps an open mind when it comes to learning about dogs. Anthony believes that a dog should be evaluated and judged on an individual basis, not solely by its breed. He has, and will continue to oppose Breed Specific Legislation in all of its discriminatory forms. No dog is too old to be helped as long as medical issues have been ruled out. He is passionate about helping bully breeds and Pit Bull type dogs. Anthony's goal is to help dispel the stereotypes and the way we perceive these dogs. He believes that breed "type" is overused when dogs learn how to mis behave in different environments. There are many factors and variables that are at play when dogs misbehave, or act out in aggressive behaviors. Above all dogs are associative and situational learners. We must understand this when we hope to modify or change a dogs behavior rather than simply blame the behavior on breed alone. 

Anthony has a strong passion for working dogs too. He enjoys teaching and participating in all aspects of working dogs be it Scent Detection, Personal Protection, Patrol K-9, Service dogs or competitive dog sports such as AKC Obedience, Rally-O, Flyball, Dock Diving, IPO (Schutzhund), and French Ring Sport. Anthony's diversity is what sets him apart from other professionals!